Enforcement of Court Orders

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Oftentimes parties wonder what can be done when there is noncompliance with terms in a court order.  Examples of noncompliance include failure to abide by custody and parenting time provisions, refusal to effectuate personal property division, and nonpayment of support. Each of these categories have various remedies available for enforcement, which range from modification of custody and parenting time arrangements to contempt of court. 

Even if your ex-spouse or co-parent may not be following the terms of a court order, the court will still expect that you do. It is important that a party seeking to hold another party accountable for noncompliance has clean hands. For example, non-payment of child support does not allow another parent to withhold parenting time. The court will also expect that parties utilize existing remedies in their court Order prior to asking for judicial intervention you may be required to engage in mediation.. 

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